Learn how to translate entities, inventories and plugin messages

Translating entities, inventories and plugin messages is very easy!

You have to create your translation and use a special pattern.

Remember to install ProtocolLib or the translations won't work.

How does it work?

The plugin will handle all packets that the server sends to the client and it will translate them.

Using the pattern

Here is an example to make it easy.

If you want to translate a menu, maybe a DeluxeMenu you just have to set the menu title to <lang>yourIdentifier</lang>, remember to replace yourIdentifier with the identifier of your translation.

You can also use more than one translation, for example if you want to create a custom plugin message like this you will have to set the plugin message to: <lang>gamemode</lang> {0} <lang>for</lang> {1}. This example has been made for essentials but you can adapt it for every plugin.

Not sure about something?

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