Learn how to configure the realtime function of the plugin

Choosing an api

You have to choose beetween two apis: google or bing. I personally suggest using bing because google may not work.

If you know another good api, feel free to suggest it here.

Creating an API-Key

You only need it if you are using bing.

You can create subscribe for a free api key at this url. Then you'll have to retrieve the key at this url.

You can follow this simple gif to learn how to retrieve it:

Should I use cache?

Of course, it will reduce lot of delay.

My database size is too big. What should I do?

Just run /multilangadmin clearCache to clear the cache.

Will it cause lag?

No, all tasks are executed async. But it may add a bit of delay before your message is sent(if you use the cache, it will happen only the first time you send that text)

What will happen when I reach my quota limit?

The RealTime translation will be automatically disabled. If you found an api without this limit please suggest it here.

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